• Being in the chexsystem list is a serious problem as you can see by the huge information given in the web. The solutions offered are no less huge and different. The solutions depend on many things. It depends on your possibility to cover your debts with extra funds if any. In this case you were not supposed to get into this situation from the beginning, except in case of fraud that cost you more than you have. The first step will be to solve the problem with the bank to see if there was any fraud or mistake . If the bank finds a proof for a mistake or fraud they might ask to cancel your report in the chexsystem or at least put a note in it.

  • If your account serves your business than you are in a harder situation because it may hurt your financial activities, then you will have to fight for you reputation and clean your report. By the way the report can affect your reputation in another think called ews witch is the exchanging web system and have influence on your possibility to deal with people.

  • Now you must use all your strength to try to clean your report using the regular procedure by reading and disputing with the bank about the incorrect information in it. You will have a lot of paper work and if they find you innocent you may get rid of it. This is the best way to stay out of the chexsystem. You may try other alternatives like the use of prepaid cards, nonchexsystem bank ,prepaid accounts and so on, but remember that there is always a possibility to be hunted by the debts with the help of the court order. In this way it will take you more time to prove your innocence or seriousness and it will be harder to use the credit of the banks without the dark chexsystem over your head

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