• You can find so many reasons for being in the list called chexsystem in this site. It can happen due to bank mistakes, or due to your irresponsible behavior ,or due to fraud caused by someone else , and the question is what to do now. Most of the solutions can be found in this site to give you the breath you need for the day after you have been denied by the banks.

    In these days ,when the economic can change the conditions from day to day , you may have endless offers by the banks including bonuses credit cards and so on, just to have you money in their banks. If you had enough money you would probably not be in the Chexsystems, but assuming you are from the average level of people , you will have to work harder to keep your money. Working hard means for you to make the best choice when choosing the possibilities. The banks , as you know ,exist and depend on us –the customers ,they need us and we need them ,but even if they try to maintain some balance between profits on one side and keeping the customers on the other hand ,there may be differences among them.

    Another factor is the government with his taxes and laws which affect your account. Therefore do not be tempted to take the bank with the highest bonuses .[it will cost you 28% taxes] . If you have no extra money search for a solution that will let you use a bank at low cost.

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