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    There is a lack of public information about chexsystems and the number of people on the chexsystem list.
    The analyses of the Federal Reserve, made from time to time, identify Banking and financial trends focusing on different aspects of financial behavior.
    It will be hard to tell whether the number of chexsystem problems is rising. As getting a checking account depends on chexsystems list it appears, that the chexsystems problems may have doubled.

    The chexsystem is updated by U.S. banks and credit unions for self protection in the future.
    The "cause" or reasons to be reported to the Chexsystem, if your account is closed, differs from banks to banks.
    The reasons may be: false information in opening account, fraud, savings account abuse, debit card or ATM abuse ,multiple overdrafts, inability to collect for an overdraft' ATM transaction and automatic payments honored on insufficient funds.

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