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Get Checking Program

Get Checking™ is a national education program that qualifies you for a checking account regardless of a ChexSystems record. The program was originally developed in Wisconsin by a team of businesses, banks, and government agencies. The main purpose of Get Checking is to educate people on how to manage money effectively, and balance their checkbooks. Get Checking is sponsored by UW-Extension and eFunds Corporation (parent company of ChexSystems, Inc.).

About the Program

The Get Checking Program requires you to attend a six-hour seminar provided by a participating educational organization. Upon completion of the class, you will receive a certificate which states that you have successfully finished the program. By completing the program, you are also entitled to a ChexSystems report update which basically confirms that you have taken a consumer education course. With the certificate in hand, you'll be able to open a new checking account at any participating bank or credit union. Your instructor will provide you with a list of participating banks and credit unions at the end of the class. The cost for enrollment is $50.

Who Can Apply for the Program?

The program is open to all consumers, however, it is only beneficial to people who have "non-fraudulent" activities reported on their ChexSystems report. Also, in order to qualify for a new checking account, you'll have to satisfy all debts previously owed to your banks and/or credit unions.

To learn more about Get Checking, click here.

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